Meet Boogie Bot – your programmable dancing robot!


Powered by Google’s visual programming language – Blockly, Boogie Bot is a fun filled app which will introduce kids to the basics of computer science.


Kids can explore and discover as they play.


With an easy drag and drop interface and many levels of difficulty, Boogie Bot is perfect for anyone.

Kids can magically transform the room to a trendy little party zone.


The coins they earn can be used to decorate the room!


They can get really creative and make their own dance and even capture a video of their creation.


With lots of amazing moves and lively dance music, Boogie Bot is fun for everyone.

Build it!

Program it!

Enjoy it!

What Can Kids Learn


Algorithmic Thinking – a way of getting to a solution through the clear definition of the steps.


Sequential Processing – involves consecutive and ordered execution of code.


Parallel Processing – involves the concurrent or simultaneous execution of different code.


Pattern Recognition and Looping – a way of identifying similarities between things. When patterns are recognized in a program you can use loops to repeat them instead of specifying them again and again.


Conditional Statement – is a set of rules performed if a certain condition is met.


Abstraction – is a way of separating and hiding the complex part of the instruction.


Use of variables – this is a more advanced concept and allows you to maintain information which can be retrieved by its name.

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