Junior Coder For School

Premium School Edition of Junior Coder with all levels unlocked. This app supports 21st century learning with focus on creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Educational App Store certified Junior Coder as a learning tool for cognitive development and critical thinking.


According to teacher review – “Overall the app is a great way to introduce pupils into the practical applications of coding and sequencing.”

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    • Junior Coder uses games and puzzles to teach the basics of computer science.


    • Each programming concept is introduced as a unique and fun game. Kids play 5 levels to grasp the idea and then they create similar puzzles to challenge themselves.


    • The stellar award chart keeps track of the progress and motivates kids. Kids earn badges and medals as they complete each game.


    • This app is suitable for classroom supplement and is great for Hour of Code.


Build Computational Skills

Algorithmic Thinking and Sequencing skill – Learn to identify and solve problems.


Pattern Recognition with Repetition and Looping – Learn to look for similarities and use loops.


Function and Procedural Thinking – Learn to use functions and abstract details.


Control Flow Using Conditional Logic – Learn to use IF condition to change program flow.


Debugging – Learn to identify problems and fix them.


Efficient Programming – Learn to use code efficiently.


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